Move your SAP solution to the cloud, with certainty

Transferring your SAP infrastructure to the cloud makes perfect sense. It can help you cut the costs associated with managing your infrastructure, providing support services, and licensing and managed services. You can also avoid the overheads associated with managing outages and system updates, database refreshes and human errors.

However, for most organisations, there’s still a degree of uncertainty attached to any SAP cloud migration. Unless you’ve found a cloud solution with an impeccable pedigree and a certainty of performance, it can be hard to take the leap of faith.

It’s why, at Acclimation, we do everything we can to help you forecast your SAP cloud future with accuracy. If fact, we even enable you to trial your SAP migration before you actually do it. With our ‘Move’ proof of concept package, you can trial moving one of your own non-productive SAP systems to Azure, and compare it head-to-head against your existing on-premise solution. This means you have an incredibly low-risk environment in which to trial your SAP system in the cloud, before making any mission-critical decisions. Even in the unlikely event of stormy conditions, you’ll stay protected.

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Why choose Acclimation?

Acclimation is an SAP Gold Partner and also has Microsoft Azure certification. This means we have the deep technical expertise and product knowledge of platforms, both separately and running together as a cohesive solution. Several of our customers have already migrated their SAP infrastructure to Azure with our guidance and support.

Most importantly, our service is built on the Microsoft Cloud (Azure), the most reliable and trusted cloud offering at the enterprise level, used even by the US Government. Here in Australia, Microsoft runs Azure on two onshore data centres, for additional security and availability.

When migrating your SAP to the cloud, Acclimation offers you:

Lower Risk

We can provide you with a proof of concept, which essentially enables you to compare a cloud version of your SAP solution with your existing on-premise solution so you can “try before you buy”.


Our solution is based on the Microsoft Cloud (Azure), and is backed by two Australian onshore data centres, for ultimate peace of mind.

Experience & Expertise

As a SAP Gold Partner with Microsoft Azure certification, we have the technical skills for both SAP and Microsoft Azure to support trial proof of concepts for your SAP applications.

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