Quality Data Management

Focusing on the quality of your data can help you improve your business performance by increasing efficiencies, streamlining operations and consolidating data sources. We provide a wide range of data management solutions that can help create operational efficiency and superior customer experiences by improving the accuracy of your organisation’s data.

We help companies improve the quality of their ERP data, business intelligence and operational data, . saving them time and money.

Why Acclimation?

Requires little administrative resource

Delivers rapid time to value with minimal training

Provides ground-breaking performance and ease of use

Data Profiling And Transformation

Get your data ready for business initiatives, analytics, warehousing or migrations.

Data preparation is an essential first step in many data projects, including analytics, marketing automation and data migrations.

However, it can often be time consuming. Many data professionals see up to 80% of their allocated project time or more spent on data cleaning, transformation and consolidation tasks.

Acclimations data discovery, preparation and monitoring application, uses a combination of innovative technology, high usability and rich functionality to drastically simplify data preparation and transformation. Complex data processing tasks, that can take many hours or even days with other solutions, can be executed literally in seconds.

Continuous Data Improvement

Ensure the quality of your data is continuously improving and drive organisational growth.

Due to the sheer increase in volume and complexity of the modern data landscape, many data management solutions have struggled to keep pace due to outdated architecture.

Our continuous data improvement solution and methodology delivers exceptional productivity and performance due to its unique architecture.

This approach enables instant profiling analytics, relationship discovery and high speed data quality processing, ensuring rapid time to value and productivity amongst your data quality teams.