Data Migration Services

Data Migration Servicess

Acclimation has extensive experience consulting on, managing and executing a wide range of migrations; from simple, single plan migrations to complex migrations.

Acclimation provides full project delivery support and can even supplement your existing delivery team with SAP Data Migration expertise to guide and quality check delivery. Acclimation can help you in performing business analysis in preparation for the migration.

Most legacy data systems tend to have issues such as duplicate records for customer or vendor records across sources. We use systematic and educated approach in resolving these issues and prepare a golden copy of the legacy data to load in your SAP application.

Our migration services include;

  • Integrate, Transform, and Improve enterprise data into a reliable, usable resource for business insight and operations.
  • Align configuration, master and transactional data to optimise data footprint for optimal migration from legacy to SAP or SAP to SAP environments. (on-premises or cloud )
  • Enable analysis of large volumes of data, structured and unstructured, from any data source for customer consumption or strategic advisory services provided by Acclimation, consisting of:
      • System and process utilisation
      • Business process efficiency and compliance
      • System and process Health Check:
        • Open items management and data quality
      • Extent to which the system enables required business outcomes
      • Pain-points and frustrations
      • Improvement and cost savings opportunities
      • Data quality Services;
        • Discover & Assess
        • Cleanse Data
        • De-duplicate (Merge/Purge)
        • Harmonise & Profile
        • Sustain (Metrics)

Extract design: how the data is extracted, held and verified

Migration design: how data is transformed into the target structure

Mapping rules: the details of the migration

Test overview: tools, reporting, structure and constraints

Unit test: unit test specification

Integration test: Integration test specification

Recovery plan: recovery options for each stage of the migration

Go live plan: actions required to go live