SAP Support Services

Acclimation is a certified Partner Centre of Excellence (PCoE) allowing us to provide enterprise support to SAP customers. By offering superior value by full utilisation of SAP Solution Manager. We have several SAP customers under maintenance.

SAP Support

Basis Services

SAP installation: design and implement a complete roll-out strategy for new SAP systems

Break-fix issue resolution: identify, analyse and resolve a work stoppage issue

Transport management system design: setup, configure and document a three or four system landscape strategy as well as the approval process

Virtual implementation: VMware , Hyperv

Client maintenance: perform / optimise client copies, deletes, imports and exports

Client strategy: design and document client usage strategy including auditing and updating current client strategy


System monitoring: proactively monitor systems as well as troubleshoot and document issues as they occur

Break-fix issue resolution: identify, analyse and resolve a work stoppage issue.

Performance tune an ABAP, Java, or database instance, execute a performance audit to isolate possible bottlenecks and maximise utilisation of available hardware

Prepare, schedule and analyse early watch and go-live sessions.

System copy: create an exact copy of an SAP system from one host to another from either a new or existing target system

24/7 operation on demand

Configuration and operation of SAP Solution Manager

Update / Migration

Unicode conversion

Heterogeneous system copies

32-bit to 64-bit migration

Operating system or database migration

Version upgrades

Applying patches and enhancement packages

SAP system migration: redeploy or move an existing SAP application server and migrate an existing SAP application to new physical or virtual hardware

In time, during normal operation, and with minimal down times

We have support plans that will help you to efficiently achieve and run SAP solutions. They cover everything from speeding up SAP implementations to boost productivity or set up new business models. Acclimation can help you succeed.