Case Management for Courts


Whether you operate in a Limited or General Jurisdiction capacity, your objectives are the same: equitable and timely resolution of the matters brought before your court. Arriving at outcomes, however, is influenced by case type, specific matters, participants, available resources, and a variety of other factors that often impact case- and workflow. Staying on track requires having the tools to help guide activities and ensure efficiency.


Case Managements for Lawyers


Our solutions for prosecutors and public defenders handle every aspect of case management for criminal, civil, family, and social matters. Customizable screen layouts and workflow rules let you control how information flows throughout your office to help attorneys, investigators, advocates, and support staff stay on track and on time. From first referral to successful conclusion, we understand the importance of having critical information at your fingertips.



Case Management for Supervision


Our decision-support systems offer industry-leading risk and needs assessment, case planning, and case management tools that address the complexities of criminal behavior, risk of recidivism, and criminogenic needs to help improve decision accuracy in custody, programming, and monitoring while under your supervision.

JWorks Benefits

Remove cost as a barrier – Pay a single monthly or quarterly per-user subscription fee that includes software, hardware, service, and support

Deliver an end-to-end experience – From deployment, application and infrastructure management services, ongoing maintenance and support, and software updates that enable customers to take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies with minimal expense and resources.

Long-term customer relationships – Acclimation can support customers in the adoption of software and services as needs grow and change to drive future business innovation and growth.

Consume on demand - Turn up and down or on and off the SAP usage as required by the organisational user community

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