SAP Mobility

SAP Mobility

Simplify, secure and scale with Acclimation Pty Ltd and SAP Afaria Enterprise Mobility Management solutions. Meet the diverse challenges of enterprise mobility head on – with SAP Afaria. Built on over 20 years of enterprise mobility experience, trust the leader to secure your corporate data, control support costs, and automate ongoing tasks such as tracking assets and configuring apps all in a single simple to use console. See how Afaria can simplify your Enterprise SAP Mobile Management goals.

Learn why using a SaaS solution is a strong strategy for small and mid-size business using bring your own device (BYOD).

SAP Fiori solves these UI and UX problems. SAP Fiori is a platform that runs web-based applications, which is the same concept as Web Dynpro, but it is vastly different in that:

  • it supports desktop/mobile view: responsive design
  • flexible and customisable UI components

SAP Fiori runs on SAP Gateway, a platform that stands in between Fiori and SAP Business Suite. SAP Gateway works efficiently because it facilitates developing/customising the data to a very simple way for developers.

Acclimation has a great team who can work on developing web-based applications for SAP Fiori. We have experts who have worked with a number of Fiori projects. If you are interested in migrating your SAP applications in to Fiori, or establish a new Fiori application, please contact us .

SAP Mobile

Benefits of SAP Mobility

Ease of configuration with group policy approach as well as self-services portal for users

Simplified device management through remote setup and decommissioning

High scalability to meet the demands of the world's largest enterprises

Support for end-to-end security using for secure access to back-end data and data encryption

Advanced activity reports with drill-down options to create highly visual analytics

Managing Mobile Devices in a Device-Agnostic World

Manage the Mobile Workforce Without the Complexity and Expensive of an On-Premise Installation

SAP Afaria, Cloud Edition – A By-the-Numbers Approach to Security