Automated SAP Implementation


Automated SAP Implementation

SAP CAL -The Advent of Automated SAP Implementation

By Stephen Alfred K Quedi & Frank Magliozzi – article originally from


More and more, we hear about how robots and computers will replace most of the workforce from call centers, warehouses, manufacturing, etc. We’ve always felt that there would be a good buffer of years before innovation caught up and made us redundant. This apparently is not the case. The future of SAP implementation and deployment has arrived with SAP CAL.

To start off, what is SAP CAL? From SAP’s resource, SAP CAL “is a comprehensive solution for managing SAP systems and applications in cloud providers. It provides you with new ways of streamlining and improving processes in your line of business while decreasing the total cost of ownership for SAP solutions.” As Figure 1 shows, it is as simple as a 4-step process in deploying an SAP Solution.

Figure 1. SAP CAL Solution Deployment


A chunk of Basis/Netweaver work goes into sizing, architecting the solution, hardware and network configuration, installation of SAP and DB and configuration work. SAP builds without virtualization technologies used to take weeks, more if the hardware had to be procured. Then came virtualization which made deployments a whole heap quicker – down to days. The next step was cloud provisioning and this technology reduced build time even further.

In our recent exploration, from a few clicks, we were able to deploy an SAP S/4 HANA 1709 application on Microsoft Azure in under 2 hours!

Installations have always been straight-forward, more so as SAP built additional functionality and automated scripts into their SWPM/SAPINST tools. With SAP CAL deployments, there isn’t as much a need to perform sizing, no concern about the physical resources, no worries about storage, no more downloading of software and no more waiting for a SAPINST screen to go from 0 to 100%. The natural progression has always been to get to a point of full automation and we are almost at that point in time.

Think of the possibilities that automated SAP implementation and deployment can bring. Proof of concept systems delivered almost in an instant. Deployment and adoption of new technology and functionality on SAP can be delivered a lot faster. More time can be accorded to business functions and testing and reduce the cost creep and project delays.

Steve Jobs has famously said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.

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