Baked Provisions achieves advanced scalability and data visibility with SAP ByDesign

Baked Provisions achieves advanced scalability and data visibility with SAP ByDesign

Company type: Food manufacturer (FMCG)
Employees: 54
Number locations: 2
Established: 2016


Baked Provisions is an award-winning Australian manufacturer of savoury and baked goods. After expanding distribution from Western Australia into the east coast of Australia, Baked Provisions invested in a Sydney-based production factory to fulfil the growing demand on the east coast. To cater to its rapid growth, the Baked Provisions management decided to transition to a more sophisticated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to support its food manufacturing activities and expanding distribution operations. To ensure the success of this key strategic initiative, the Baked Provisions team engaged SAP Gold Partner, Acclimation, to help implement SAP Business ByDesign to enhance the business’s information and process management capabilities as it scales up manufacturing and distribution operations on the east coast.


  • Increased capability in data-driven decision-making
  • Increased visibility and effective control of significant business processes
  • Scalability to support future business growth with flexibility


Upgrading system for enhanced scalability

As part of Baked Provisions’ transition from a trading focus to a production and distribution focus for its east coast operations, the company needed to upgrade its systems to a more scalable solution that let it track complex production costs. To cater for the planned growth in business, Baked Provisions needed a sophisticated solution that let it conduct detailed sales analytics and provide insights that could be applied and scaled to facilitate business growth.


Streamlining data analysis for better business decision-making

In mid-2018, the Baked Provisions’ board decided that it was the ideal time to transition towards a full-scale ERP solution to accommodate its growing size. The team selected the SAP Business ByDesign system as it provided strong financial management capabilities in terms of monitoring costs on the production side of the business. In addition, the Baked Provisions team also needed a fully cloud-based solution with a high level of flexibility to scale with the growth of the business without increasing costs. After conducting independent research and consulting with SAP, Baked Provisions engaged Acclimation as its implementation partner because of its expertise in the SAP Business ByDesign solution.

Upgrading to the SAP Business ByDesign solution has helped the Baked Provisions team to achieve more confidence in the data accuracy its ERP system captures, leading to more relevant insights and better decision-making. By capturing all operational data and key cost drivers, SAP Business ByDesign lets Baked Provisions track all production costs and attribute them to the relevant sales channels and products at a high level of granularity.


Optimising production for increased business growth

By deploying SAP Business ByDesign across Baked Provisions’ operations, Acclimation enhanced the team’s ability to effectively monitor production costs as business scales up operations and production volume. The upgraded system lets the Baked Provisions team monitor sales data down to point-of-sale level and production costs to the individual material unit level, which it couldn’t achieve previously.

The SAP Business ByDesign solution also facilitates better tracking for production and batch management, which has been integrated into the Baked Provisions food safety program for traceability in the event of product recalls. As Baked Provisions’ sales volume has consistently grown at a rate exceeding 100 per cent over the past years, this is a critical feature for the system as customer profiles and sales channels continue to evolve in volume and complexity.

Crucially, the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign system has helped Baked Provisions integrate the most significant business processes from sales to production planning, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, fulfilment and financial management while collecting relevant data for management to make informed decisions. After the initial success of the system implementation, the Baked Provisions team continues to optimise its SAP Business ByDesign solution to help it navigate through the medium- and long-term goals as the business continues to expand its product portfolio and distribution network.

“Working with Acclimation for this implementation was a very smooth process for our team. We needed a strong implementation partner that knew the SAP Business ByDesign product well to help our team achieve our implementation objectives, and we were impressed with Acclimation’s specialist expertise in the solution. We had a clear understanding of the goals we wanted to achieve internally and externally, and Acclimation continues to help us meet those needs.”

Baked Provisions Executive Director Son Tra.


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