Go-Live! Powerlink Migration from on premise SAP ECC6 on Oracle to Business Suite on HANA

Go-Live! Powerlink Migration from on premise SAP ECC6 on Oracle to Business Suite on HANA

The recent mass electricity outage across Queensland has again shone a spotlight on the country’s electricity network. In the past 10 years, Australia’s national electricity market has seen significant changes as a result of growing interest and investment in renewable generation. As a result, traditional utilities providers have been forced to adapt their operations to continue delivering safe, cost-effective, and reliable solutions to customers.  

We, at Acclimation, recently supported Powerlink, the electricity transmission network provider in Queensland, in its efforts to drive greater efficiencies and deliver a better user experience. We worked with Powerlink through its migration from on premise SAP ECC6 on Oracle to Business Suite on HANA hosted in Microsoft Azure. The upgrade was the first step in a broader modernisation program and transition to S/4HANA, intended to provide the foundations for a more flexible environment for the future.  

Powering the future with S/4HANA 

To evolve with the changing electricity environment, Powerlink needed to look ahead at how its operations would evolve in the future and adapt its processes and underlying technological foundations to support this. For Powerlink, having an efficient enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution was an essential element of its wider upgrade. In the first instance, they considered how the company would do work, drive procurement, run projects, and get efficiencies across field delivery teams.  

They in turn selected us as the implementation partner for the project. To stat the project Team Acclimation collaborated remotely with the Powerlink team over an eight-month period to efficiently deliver the migration on schedule without major impacts from COVID-19. As a core business system, it was essential that their ERP migration was efficient and capable of supporting the business well into the future. We worked closely with them to ensure the solution was sustainable in the long term.  

As a result of the upgrade, Powerlink has been able to drive procurement more productively and implement greater efficiencies for its field delivery teams. In addition, the migration to Business Suite on HANA has helped them to deliver greater efficiencies across the board, while also creating a foundation for its broader modernisation program aimed at adding value for customers.