The SAP Activate Methodology

The SAP Activate Methodology

This is the primary question that we are asked as SAP Consultants.

The answer: Follow the guidance of your implementation partners as they have experience in getting the job done across many industries and understand the pitfalls of the process.

SAP has spent a lot of time and effort in developing a systematic approach to ensure project success. The SAP Activate Methodology.

At Acclimation, we have identified that one of the major impediments that arise during the implementation that reduces the success of a project is the desire of the customer staff to minimize the change to their existing business processes.

The most common term we hear as consultants is “but we do it this way”.

What this often translates to is:

  • I don’t have time to invest in this as I am already working a full-time job
  • I just want to do it the way I have always done it
  • I know what I need and it is perfect the way it is

The unfortunate part of this response/resistance to change is that it restricts the advantages gained in adopting a new system. If the system was good the way it was, why change it at all. In the cut and thrust of implementation, people lose sight of the bigger picture and focus on their comfort zone. This is normal.

On the other hand, if the customer wants to gain the most improvement in the larger context of the business, by adopting best practice default scenarios, the potential improvements to the customer’s business are significant.

The SAP Activate Methodology is designed to ensure that you first understand the solution that you are about to take ownership of. Once you understand it, leverage it using globally recognized best practice processes to gain a competitive advantage over your competition.Untitled design (1)

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