How investing in cloud-based mission-critical infrastructure leads to better business resilience

How investing in cloud-based mission-critical infrastructure leads to better business resilience

COVID-19 saw a rise in Australian organisations investing in cloud services to keep teams connected and collaborating while working remotely. In fact, approximately 56 per cent of executives believe that cloud services became a necessity for organisations as a result of the pandemic, according to data from KPMG.1 However, cloud technology is more than a way to keep employees connected; it’s a solid investment in business resilience.  

Achieving business resilience involves more than simply having access to accurate data for timely decision-making. Companies must also take steps towards improving efficiencies and making teams more productiveFor enterprise resource planning (ERP) software especiallyinvesting in mission-critical infrastructure in the cloud is a crucial step towards ensuring long-term business continuity and resilience for organisations beyond the pandemic 

We’ve identified three ways that moving to cloud-based infrastructure can improve business resilience: 

  1. Access more comprehensive data and insights for better business decisionmaking 

By moving to cloud-based technologies, users can access a platform that streamlines the collection and storagof data from different areas of a business. This limits data duplication and leads to better, more informed business decisions.  

By moving business-critical systems and data to the cloud companies can centralise the important parts of a business, improving integration and management, and making information more easily accessible for all relevant stakeholders regardless of their location. Ultimately, this will empower teams to maintain or increase productivity, and better position them to meet evolving customer needs. 

  1. Achieve a more holistic view of the organisation’s financial position 

It’s critical that decision-makers have all the information needed to implement strategies and processes that will help keep companies afloat in times of business disruption and uncertaintyHaving access to a resilient ERP solution that lets decision-makers critically assess the bottom line in relation to all parts of a business could be the difference between a company surviving another event like COVID-19 or becoming a victim of the pandemic.  

  1. Empower your remote workforce without compromising its productivity 

Supporting staff members to work remotely with the same access to information and systems as they would have in the office is another element of contemporary business resilienceInvesting in cloud-based solutions ensures systems are accessible as long as the user has an internet connection, so staff members can work from wherever they need toAs social distancing requirements may continue well into the future, this capability is essential to help organisations build their resilience. 

Investing in mission-critical infrastructure in the cloud is more than an investment in technology; it is an investment in an organisation’s operational efficiency, productivity, performance, security and continuous innovation. The current economic crisis should serve as a wake-up call to organisations that have not yet invested in new technologies that will help them to achieve business resilience in uncertain times 

Though the pandemic has affected different industries in various ways, it serves as a reminder to all organisations that the world is changing. Investing in cloud-based services can provide resilience and business continuity while providing a platform to take advantage of innovative services in this rapidly changing world.   

By making smarter technology decisions now, organisations can potentially impact future performance significantlyThe benefits of connecting business systems and organisational departments go beyond just connecting remote-working teams. It’s a strategy that can help ensure business as usual and help organisations to stay resilient during the next crisis. 

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