How to strengthen your organisational defences by securing SAP systems

How to strengthen your organisational defences by securing SAP systems

Between dispersed workforces operating remotely as a result of the ongoing pandemic response and an increasing amount of business being conducted online, having a strong organisational approach to cybersecurity has never been more important. For organisations that rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software especially, this was made abundantly clear by reports in July of a critical vulnerability, known as CVE-2020-6287, within the SAP NetWeaver Application Server. This SAP vulnerability let cyber attackers gain unrestricted access and control of organisational systems to read, modify and delete database records and files before being patched. 

At Acclimation, we’ve identified two critical steps you can take to ensure you have the right defences in place to protect your business’s intellectual property and financial information from threats:

  • Invest in certified SAP platform security solutions: improve the security of your SAP systems at a structural level by investing in certified SAP platform security solutions. By deploying secure technologies that scan, analyse and detect vulnerabilities at all relevant layers on a regular basis, you can help ensure that SAP systems remain secure. By engaging the services and software from certified SAP partners, you can further receive continuous and ongoing protection of SAP systems and data.
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  • Secure your information and systems in advance: cybersecurity needs to be considered at every level to be effective and must be included in the overarching business strategy. Investing in new technologies can help to harden the IT environment. However, it’s also important to invest in training staff regularly on security policies and procedures, as well as changes in tools and technologies.


To deliver a strong and effective security posture, the process of securing information and systems must start long before vulnerabilities are exposed to help limit potential risk and impacts. By implementing technologies that automate SAP security and continuously scan, analyse and highlight vulnerabilities and investing in continuous training and education for all employees, you can proactively start to harden and safeguard internal systems. 

This can help to provide a strong defence for organisations prior to vulnerabilities being exploited by cybercriminals. Deploying patches when security vulnerabilities are exposed is the next critical step in securing an organisation’s data.

Engaging an experienced SAP partner, such as Acclimation, to work with your organisation on a security plan can help you further ensure better operational security for your systems. For more information, contact the team today.