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The digital workplace is the virtual, modern version of the traditional workplace. It is an effective and engaging, mobile work environment that delivers to any device all the services and collaboration tools workers need through consumer-like experiences. A digital workplace uses the latest mobility services and digital technologies to adapt to the way people work to increase employee engagement, consumer experience and customer satisfaction.

Acclimation has a long delivered workplace transformations across organisations and know how to deliver the benefits of a digital workplace. Our dynamic and collaborative approach revolves around people, methodologies such as “design thinking” and finding the right mix of technology and services to drive the best possible business outcomes to achieve success.

Mobility SAP Fiori

SAP Mobile Applications

Did you know that Acclimation’s origin was in UI / UX web interfaces? We have continued that core capability with our work in web and mobile development, providing rich media interfaces to back-end SAP technology. We have built our own HTML5 templated applications and extensively use SAP Fiori in projects for some of the largest SAP projects in Australia.

SAP Fiori app

SAP Fiori Apps

Take advantage of the latest web technologies with SAP Fiori applications. These web-based solutions rely on a responsive framework, enabling it to adapt to all screen sizes of the devices your employees and clients use. SAP Fiori apps boost your business productivity and user experience while at the same time providing a very high level of security.

Microsoft Sharepoint Integration to SAP

SAP Sharepoint Integration

If your business uses Microsoft Sharepoint, it will benefit strongly from an integration of Sharepoint and your SAP system. Give your employees a central access point by adding SAP tiles to your Sharepoint. This makes many daily SAP tasks so much easier: The more graphical interface and streamlined processes enable a better user experience.

Voice Activation

SAP Voice Activation

Tap into a wealth of new possibilities with our groundbreaking voice activation for SAP. Remove barriers for disabled people, access complex functions of your SAP system within seconds and run your business on the go. Whether it’s a chef ordering new products by voice straight from the kitchen or a CEO receiving the latest sales data just with a command, SAP voice activation enables you to do it.

Office Livetiles for SAP

Livetiles for SAP

A comfortable way to access your everyday SAP ERP functions is via Livetiles. Acclimation’s integration of SAP with Livetiles enables your employees to i.e. create new purchase orders, access their payslips and check the status of their leave applications. This seamless, secure integration works with a single-sign on to further boost your efficiency.

Messenger chatbot for SAP

Chatbots for SAP

The popularity of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Microsoft Skype stems from the ease of use. Chatbots for SAP leverages that potential by enabling your clients and employees to access your SAP system and processes directly from a chat application. Check payslips, log project time or compare a client request against your product catalog are just some of many possible functions.

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