Be More Efficient With SAP Fiori Apps

Do you need a web-based solution for business to run SAP transactions, e.g. place order, approve purchase order, check warehouse inventory, or report hazard and incidents? SAP Fiori uses the latest web technology to provide all sorts of SAP business solutions with a modern and user-friendly look and feel.

Unlike any previous web-based SAP solutions, SAP Fiori apps hire responsive framework, meaning that the applications are fit to any screen size of any devices. SAP Fiori also is predominantly a single-page application that opens different transactional screens in the same page, where users do not have to be bothered by the time lag to open a new browser window every single time they want to use different features.

While the user experience and business productivities on SAP Fiori applications are second to none, all transactions run on the applications are securely handled by its strong integration with SAP gateway and data service. Let’s say that you want to allow staff an option to keep track of your department’s purchase order history, but not to place any purchase order without manager’s approval. SAP’s standard function for user authority can be simply and directly applied to Fiori applications.

SAP Fiori comes with various features for both business productivities and user experience. From SAP Fiori Cloud Demo, you can check out the robust user interface and business transaction demo.

SAP Fiori dashboard example

SAP Fiori Launchpad

Incident Management Cnet

Incident Report Application

Incident reports in Cnet
Risk ranking Cnet
CNET hazard details
CNET incident report

Warehouse Management Application

SAP Warehouse Dashboard
SAP Warehouse view
SAP Warehouse Management Application

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