SAP ABAP Code Remediation Service

Are you considering a move from SAP ECC to S/4HANA but are concerned about the amount of custom code you have? Or after many years of development are you constantly patching, remediating or writing more custom code to ensure your legacy SAP ECC system doesn’t break? Whatever your need, Acclimation can provide assistance using our SAP ABAP code remediation for HANA. We leverage a combination of SAP certified software tools, analysts and expert developers to provide ABAP code remediation. Whether cleaning up old code, removing unused code or remediating code in preparation for a move to SAP S/4HANA, we can assist.

We are experts in SAP custom code, which traditionally has given many SAP customers headaches, because most performance issues stem from bad custom code. Whether you are migrating to SAP HANA and need your ABAP code adapted for the new column-based database or whether you are experiencing general SAP performance problems, Acclimation is here to help. We start by leveraging unique partner software to run an initial system code scan, which identifies all non-standard code and any code issues in relation to HANA compliance. Next, our algorithm filters the results and shows exactly how much code can be fixed automatically, how much needs manual attention, and how much manual effort to expect. And finally, our automated fixes save you thousands of hours in code correction.

Our SAP ABAP Code Remediation Tools

Acclimation’s automation tools, like Gekkobrain, automatically fix practically all mandatory HANA issues in your custom ABAP code (priority 1), along with 95% of the relevant performance related issues (priority 2).

Features include:

SAP ABAP Code Remediation Tool by Acclimation

Filters away unused code

Filters away code with no impact

Filters away false positives

Calculates manual effort

Identifies exactly how much can be fixed automatically

SAP ABAP Code Remediation Service

One-click fix

Up to 99% of mandatory issues

95% of relevant performance issues

Changes imported via SAP transport system

Syntax checked

Checked for data consistency

For a custom code assessment scan and recommendations report, please reach out to us.

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