Data Migration

Acclimation has extensive consulting experience, managing and executing a wide range of data migrations, from simple, single plan migrations to complex migrations.

Acclimation provides full project delivery support and can even supplement your existing delivery team with SAP data migration expertise to guide and quality check delivery. Acclimation can help you in performing business analysis in preparation for the migration. Our migration services include:

Data integration, transformation and optimisation to convert data to a reliable, usable resource for business insight and operations

Alignment of configuration, master and transactional data to optimise data footprint for optimal migration from legacy to SAP or SAP to SAP environments (on-premises and cloud)

Analysis of large volumes of data, structured and unstructured, from any data source for customer consumption or strategic advisory services.

SAP Mobile

Our Approach

Our data migration approach has been proven across several SAP and non-SAP ERP implementations, purpose-built to extract, map, cleanse, transform and load data. Our methodology and tools provide an iterative method for our team to deliver consistent and repeatable high-quality results.

Data Profiling

Data Extraction

Data Cleansing & Remediation

Data Mapping

Data Load

Data Validation

We incorporate three additional dimensions that are performed throughout the entire process: reporting, reconciliation and on-going data remediation. These dimensions provide the data migration team with data insights and data reconciliation capability throughout the stages as well as continuous cleansing and data validation during business sign-off.

Four Pillars of Our Approach

Skills and Knowledge

  • Experienced in large and complex data migrations
  • Major business transformation experience
  • Multi-industry experience
  • Information management specialists
  • Onshore and offshore capabilities
  • Software-agnostic
  • Skills and experience in industry standard data migration tools and technologies

Business Centric

  • Business engagement
  • Business outcomes of transformation program
  • Business process understanding
  • Business change management
  • Business value, quality and completeness of key data to migration decisions
  • Risk-based management approach

Methods and Frameworks

  • Business information model key to support changing technical landscape
  • Continuous data quality monitoring
  • Iterative development and testing
  • Automated testing
  • Trial conversions
  • Comprehensive reporting framework

Government and Controls

  • Define KPI’s and threshold for migration to track process
  • Transparency and real-time process reporting
  • Audit and reconciliation reporting at critical points throughout the migration process
  • Data governance structures for quick decision support
  • Project management

Why Acclimation?

Secure data transfer and processing

Duplicate record detection and golden record creation

Best practice rules

Support from an experienced consultant to explain the duplication results and what they mean for your organisation

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