De-Duplicating Data

The quality of your data drives the performance of your organisation, but resolving quality issues that might waste time, money or provide a poor customer and user experience is not straightforward. Our experienced consultants and secure cleaning services can help ensure your data performs and supports your business initiatives.

Good quality data drives good quality operations. Duplication of master records is a problem common to every type of organisation, often resulting in poor customer and end user experiences. Whether you are running a single campaign or an ERP-wide data initiative, Acclimation can help you automatically detect duplicate records quickly and create a “golden record” for your key master data objects.

Why Acclimation?

Secure data transfer and processing

Duplicate record detection and golden record creation

Best practice rules

Support from an experienced consultant to explain the duplication results and what they mean for your organisation.

For a reliable and correct detection of duplicate data records, you need to have a proven software and the right partner in order to avoid unexpected or problematic results. It’s of utmost importance to not impact business operations or the end user or customer experience, which can occur when false positive matches are made. Acclimation is your experienced, reputable partner for all SAP data cleaning services and can offer a secure and quick data deduplication. We make sure you’re getting the best result possible!

Trust the expert SAP consultants of Acclimation: We evaluate your data, compare it with reference data and make sure you understand all the impacts of your data quality on your business. With our first-class data cleaning tools and secure data processing & transfer facilities, we keep your data safe so you can enjoy peace of mind. By significantly improving the quality of your master data records with impact & utilisation assessments as well as predefined data deduplication reports, Acclimation provides a reliable, high quality data deduplication and matching service.

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