Quality Data Management

Focusing on the quality of your data can help you improve your business performance by increasing efficiencies, streamlining operations and consolidating data sources. We provide a wide range of data management solutions that can help create operational efficiency and superior customer experiences by improving the accuracy of your organisation’s data.

We help companies improve the quality of their ERP data, business intelligence and operational data, saving them time and money.

Why Acclimation?

Requires little administrative resource

Delivers rapid time to value with minimal training

Provides ground-breaking performance and ease of use.

Data Profiling And Transformation

Get your data ready for business initiatives, analytics, warehousing or migrations.

An essential in many data projects is data profiling, as it prepares data for marketing automation, data migration or business analytics. This time-consuming process of cleaning data, transforming and consolidating data is what a large part of data professionals spend about 80% of their project time on. Acclimation is here to make your life so much easier with our innovative technology that is both easy to use and provides a wide range of functionality.

Our data profiling application is used for discovering, monitoring, preparing and transforming data in an incredibly fast and secure way. Think complex data processing: What once took you hours or days can be done in seconds with Acclimation’s data profiling tools.

Ongoing Data Improvement

Ensure the quality of your data is continuously improving and drive organisational growth.

It’s not easy for data management solutions to keep up with the rapid increase of modern data complexity and volume as their architecture needs to advance continuously. The professional data improvement methodology and solution of Acclimation provides a permanently high performance and outstanding productivity thanks to its unique technology. Decrease the time you need to process data and actually start to work with it immediately, whenever you need it. Discover data relationships, process quality data in high speed and use data profiling analytics instantly to boost your productivity and improve the time to value.

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