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Transferring your SAP infrastructure to the cloud makes perfect sense. It can help you cut the costs associated with managing your infrastructure, providing support services, and licensing and managed services. You can also avoid the overheads associated with managing outages and system updates, database refreshes and human errors.

However, for most organisations, there’s still a degree of uncertainty attached to any SAP cloud migration. Unless you’ve found a cloud solution with an impeccable pedigree and a certainty of performance, it can be hard to take the leap of faith.

It’s why, at Acclimation, we do everything we can to help you forecast your SAP cloud future with accuracy. If fact, we even enable you to trial your SAP migration before you actually do it. With our ‘move’ proof of concept package, you can trial moving one of your own non-productive SAP systems to Azure, and compare it head-to-head against your existing on-premise solution. This means you have an incredibly low-risk environment in which to trial your SAP system in the cloud, before making any mission-critical decisions. Even in the unlikely event of stormy conditions, you’ll stay protected.

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Acclimation’s SAP Cloud Migration Experience

Shifting SAP workloads to the cloud provides greater flexibility and scalability for your entire SAP infrastructure and furthermore puts in place an agile platform to support innovation and growth. At a high level, our experience in moving SAP into the cloud includes consulting, infrastructure services, architecting and executing SAP cloud migration and technical operations. Using SAP, MS Azure and AWS tools and methodologies, we have packaged up our experience as a range of cloud services to rapidly and efficiently re-platform your SAP systems landscape into the cloudThe process has four broad steps — Assess & Plan, Set Up, Migrate and Manage — which can be preceded by an initial cloud assessment workshop.

SAP Hosting

Acclimation has achieved certified levels of competency in both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud platforms. Acclimation has attained the Microsoft Silver Partner and Amazon Standard Partner status which require us to have both business and technical certifications across its organisations. Our technically certified cloud architects provide the deep and broad experience to architect a SAP landscape in the cloud, including high availability, disaster recovery, storage and tiered landscape large and small. Combined with our SAP basis and support teams, Acclimation has the capability to plan a SAP landscape move, re-platform into the cloud and then provide ongoing support. Acclimation has architected SAP landscapes for in excess of 100+ virtual machine instances of SAP.

Case Study

SAP Hosting
Google Cloud Platform

The Acclimation SAP Cloud Migration Process

1: SAP Cloud Assessment Workshop for Customers

Three to four day cloud assessment workshop at customer’s location

Review and assess the current SAP landscape

Discover how Microsoft cloud technologies and Acclimation’s SAP migration and operations expertise can best help modernise customer’s SAP / LOB systems

Interview and assess organisational skillsets including SAP basis, network, infrastructure, cloud experience and certifications

Identify use cases for public or hybrid cloud scenarios

Execution of technical tests

2: SAP Cloud Infrastructure & Consulting Services Setup

Identify use cases for public or hybrid cloud scenarios

Develop landscape sizing and planning for SAP on cloud

On-demand infrastructure provisioning

Usage-based pricing for cloud infrastructure

SID / catalogue and capacity-based pricing

Evaluation and testing of high-availability and disaster recovery options

Create step-by-step migration plan

3: SAP Migration & Operations

SAP installation and migration on cloud

Deployment of HA and DR solutions on the cloud

Technical operations of SAP systems on cloud

Seamless integration between on-premise and cloud

Execution of technical tests

4: Cloud-Based Managed Support Services & Operations Support

Combined offerings for operations, maintenance and administration

Service packages and service levels available per landscape or system

Support model 5 × 24h and 7 × 24h, available per SAP system

Fixed-cost approach

SLA-based management and performance measurement

Standardised support and delivery process based on ITIL best practices

When migrating your SAP to the cloud, Acclimation offers you:

Lower Risk

We can provide you with a proof of concept, which essentially enables you to compare a cloud version of your SAP solution with your existing on-premise solution so you can “try before you buy”.


Our solution is based on the Microsoft Cloud (Azure) and backed by two Australian onshore data centres for ultimate peace of mind.

Experience & Expertise

As a SAP Gold Partner with Microsoft Azure certification, we have the technical skills for both SAP and Microsoft Azure to support trial proof of concepts for your SAP applications.

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