SAP Business Analytics with Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform that provides non-technical business users with tools for aggregating, analysing, visualising and sharing data. It contains of two parts.

  • Power BI desktop is the on-premise version, used mainly for dashboard developers and it’s free to download.
  • Power BI Services is the cloud version, which is accessed by the end user / sales reps to view reports. You can also model data with limited functionalities.

Microsoft Power BI can connect to many data sources such as excel or it can be imported directly from DB, SAP BW, Salesforce, CRM or even from the web.

Microsoft Power BI Benefits

Acclimation are experts in SAP Business Analytics and with our many years of expertise, we can provide you with the following advantages when implementing Power BI:

Build a data source connection to help connect directly to the database

Build a gateway connection for published reports on cloud version

Design Power BI queries

Build dashboards to suit both desktop & mobile users

Design drill-through / drill-down functionalities to expand the reports

Build table relationships

Apply row level of security (RLS) & dynamic security for users to access certain data

Schedule the data to refresh every 30 minutes for real-live data

Cortana integration: this feature, which is especially popular on mobile devices, allows users to verbally query data using natural language and access results, using Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant

Provide training to end user & train the trainer

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