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Have you reached the point where your business is running you, instead of the other way around? Are you proactively managing projects, or merely reacting to the latest incident report?  Do you know how your business is performing at any given time, or is being run off your feet taken as a sign of productivity? Are you driving managed growth, or simply getting bigger? Wouldn’t you rather be concentrating on service delivery and customer satisfaction, instead of fighting back-office fires?

For consulting and services organisations, every customer truly is different. As a professional services firm ourselves, we at Acclimation absolutely understand this. Complexities such as project scope, terms of engagement, project milestones and payment schedules require you to have a consistent, one-version-of-truth view of project specifics and key stakeholder visibility throughout the service delivery life cycle.

Ad-hoc time and expense capture is a potential minefield. Revenue leakage, project over-runs and non-recoverable costs can easily blow out if data is not captured in a timely manner. Reporting consistency is critical to give visibility to the financial and operational areas, which in turn improve productivity and profitability. Real-time, streamlined time and expense management for project control and profitability is vital. Proactive cash flow management, along with proper recognition and deferral of project-based revenue is also a must. Reporting delays can have a substantial impact on revenue forecasting, budgeting and overall financial – and operational – decision-making.

We know people are busy working on their priorities, and it’s easy for the business to fall into a silo mentality. So because Sales is busy selling, and Project Management is busy managing projects, often-times Finance doesn’t have real-time information on projects or customers. This means they can’t provide the reporting and financial management necessary to run the business. Billing cycles can be sluggish, as invoices are often contingent upon the communication of the completion of a project or milestone. Productivity takes a nosedive. These worries plague most growing professional service company – from accountancy practices to business or IT consulting, engineering, advertising, marketing, recruiting, or research.

Professional services firms need a 360-degree view of the business for reporting and decision-making. You need time and expense management, project tracking and financials. You need easy information access for all employees, and to have the right permissions-based access per employee. You need a robust enough solution to scale with your business, which is also flexible enough to provide all reporting when, where and how you need it. Step up, SAP Business ByDesign.

SAP ByDesign

Take back control of your business with ByDesign

Automated project billing and revenue management

Superior project management - automated to track performance of project milestones and costs to ensure accurate and efficient billing, revenue recognition and collections

Comprehensive on-demand reporting – including budget vs actuals

Powerful, best-in-class financial management

Enhanced resource management

Integrated scheduling and dispatch

Enhanced labour and material cost tracking

Field service & depot repair

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Wouldn’t you rather be concentrating on service delivery and customer satisfaction, instead of fighting back-office fires?

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