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Acclimation has leveraged the Microsoft Azure DevBot framework to create ChatBots for SAP. This is an innovative new way to take care of business on the go, from your chat or social media platforms such as Microsoft Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The Chatbots enable users to connect directly to SAP and access SAP business processes such as looking up payslips, submitting or approving leave applications, purchase order creation and approval, or log time on projects.

The ChatBots enable users to access SAP functional processes using chat from mobile device, laptop or any device. Some customer reference examples include enabling your customers to browse and query against your product catalogue with an easy-to-use conversation interface and reduce your call centre queries by moving simple queries to automated agents.

Leave Request Application on Skype

Skype Chatbot for SAP
SAP chatbot on Skype

Leave Request Application on Facebook

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for SAP
Leave application chatbot Facebook Messenger

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