SAP Voice Activation For Digital Workplaces

Acclimation have integrated multiple voice-activated technologies, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana, with SAP’s enterprise resource planning system (ERP). Our innovation leverages cutting-edge voice technology to initiate business processes in SAP using SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) and SAP OData as well as the technology available with the conversational agents. So what is possible with a voice-activated enterprise system?

Can a CxO get sales / financial data by just asking Amazon Echo, without having to login to their system / device?

Can a shop floor manager get product stock information or updates on how machines in the plant are performing?

Can a person with disability carry out their work by using voice commands?

Can a SAP Basis consultant install a SAP instance based on a voice command?

Can a chef order low-on-stock material from their kitchen?

How about a voice-based digital board or Fiori app, integrated with SAP’s Digital Assistant—SAP co-pilot?

How about conversational commerce?

The answer is: Yes, SAP Voice Activation can do all of the above and much more.

SAP and Cortana

Voice-activated artificial intelligence is becoming a reality and coming to the enterprise. It is still early days for “voice” for many activated functions in SAP, but as the technology advances, including noise cancellation and security, the potential is immense.

Voice-Activated Warehouse Applications

In this example, we show how we ask Cortana to perform warehouse applications directly within SAP. The voice activates various functions in SAP ERP including picking, put away, inventory count, stock query, bin2bin and GR production. The innovation allows users of SAP to eliminate the need to for cumbersome screen entry and perform jobs purely through voice commands, ultimately driving efficiencies.

SAP voice activation

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