The Power of the SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics cloud is a single cloud solution for business intelligence and organisational planning, enhanced with the power of predictive analytics and machine learning technology. An iOS app is also available and fully supported. As SAP Analytics cloud is built on the SAP cloud platform, you can expect to work with a reliable and high performing solution. Thus, you can extract information from your data quickly for accelerated decision-making.

Acclimation can help you have an elaborate dashboard ready for decision-making including but not limited to:

  • Data discovery
  • Planning
  • Predictive analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Role-based personalisation
  • Social collaboration
  • On-premise applications integration

Acclimation will provide you with full support to implement SAP Analytics Cloud and the benefit to:

Allow you to accumulate and transform large amounts of data to have an integral and more complete vision of the business

Allow you to reveal hidden trends and finding answers in order to help make decisions based on objective data and transmit their results

Manipulate data with efficient tools and attractive visualisations that make it possible to combine and analyse data from different sources

Gain quick access to unique and valuable information, without the need for predefined queries or reports

Schedule the data to refresh at any selected time for real-live data update

Customise your data for mobile users access.

SAP Analytics Cloud Business Intelligence

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