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Acclimation empowers people throughout the organisation to answer questions of their data, large or small, in real-time. The more questions they ask, the more value they extract from the data, leading to smarter business decisions every day. Acclimation will help you to have one interface for all of your data, regardless of where that data is stored.

Visualisation of the data is important regardless of the size of the data because it translates information into insight and action. The approach to visualising data is important, because the cost of storing, preparing and querying data is much higher. Therefore, organisations must leverage well-architected data sources and rigorously apply best practices to allow knowledge workers to query big data directly in real time.

Acclimation provide support & services which help users see and understand their data easily.

Get a Competitive Edge With SAP Business Analytics

Gain the insight you need to seize opportunities – with our comprehensive SAP business intelligence (BI) software for midsize companies. Leverage flexible tools like ad hoc reporting and analysis, dashboards and visualization – add data quality management and integration – along with prepackaged data marts that deliver faster, higher ROI. Use the SAP BusinessObjects BI, Edge Edition BI resources below to learn how, with help from DSCallards Ltd, you use business intelligence to gain a competitive advantage.

Benefits of SAP Business Analytics

Capabilities include Data Discovery and Visualisation, Reporting, Business Intelligence Planning, Dashboard and Apps as well as Mobile BI

Empowering decision makers with the latest technologies and access to expert insight instantly

Streamline processes and workflow with real time data on hand

Increased visibility by providing access to information across all business areas

Improved alignment and accountability by implementing standards and controls across the business

Fast ROI by utilising best practises as well as a lower cost of ownership by implementing

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How does SAP Business Analytics work for you?

Fast analytics & better decision making

Connect and visualise your data in minutes. Acclimation provides support to get you started in variety of products.

Ease of use

Anyone can analyse data with intuitive drag-and-drop products. User-friendly interface with instant results.

Large scale of data

From flat file of excel spreadsheets to large SAP BW data, explore any data by connecting to multiple data sources.

Publish your data in seconds

You can publish your designed dashboard with one click to share the info with your colleagues live on the web and on mobile devices.

Data refreshes automatically

Get real-time data with live connection to your data or schedule your data to refresh at custom time.

Smart dashboards

Combine multiple views of data from different data sources into one dashboard to get richer insight. With one click, you can easily drill through the data to get your desired result.

Your Business Analytics Experts

Acclimation is a certified SAP & Microsoft partner with end-to-end customer service. We offer a variety of tools to support business intelligence and create reporting capabilities and dashboards using Microsoft PowerBI, SAP Analytics Cloud and other BI tools.

Data Warehouse System
Power BI Microsoft

Power BI allows you to analyse data more quickly than ever before with rich, interactive visuals.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud’s heart beats for its easy-to-use planning capabilities.

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SAP Analytics Portfolio: Modern Analytics for the Digital Enterprise

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