Real-Time Efficiencies With SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)

The SAP Cloud Platform is a completely re-imagined, open business platform for your business. Really drive growth with this multi-cloud foundation: Whether you want to integrate, innovate or extend applications, you have the choice to be as flexible and agile as you need. Cloud-native technologies and the unique SAP HANA Cloud Platform infrastructure enable you to scale your business to grow into new markets quickly and proactively. The HCP platform lets you create mobile-ready, intelligent applications to be at the forefront of your industry. Improve your business processes, overtake your competitors and improve your customer satisfaction, all in one stride.

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Advantages of SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Innovative Applications

With SAP HANA Cloud Platform, you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors: By creating business applications and solutions that enhance your portfolio, you’ll be at the forefront of smart business services. You’ll leverage the power of the newest technologies available, i.e. predictive analytics, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Add Functionality

SAP HCP lets you adapt to your business needs whenever you need to: Just add new functionality to your on-premise or cloud applications with minimal disruptions to your business systems. Increase the value of your SAP infrastructure by creating new and personalised digital experiences.

Integrate Seamlessly

A seamless integration of your applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud, is possible with the HCP integration options suite that also contains prepackaged integration flows, APIs and other third-party applications. This allows people, data, devices and processes to connect securely from everywhere.

Modern & Personalised

Make your business users and customers love you with business applications for web, mobile and conversational user interfaces that boast a personalised, modern user experience. HCP offers multiple deployment options for different devices. Give users easy access to your business content, engage them and let them collaborate across multiple channels.

Gain Insights

SAP HANA Cloud Platform lets you leverage the full potential of your business data. By analysing and managing it in HCP, you’ll get profound and useful insights that show new business opportunities and help you to anticipate business outcomes. Use predictive analytics and machine learning so your applications can thrive from real-time business intelligence.

Full Flexibility

With SAP HCP, you’re ready for the future: The strong and flexible multi-cloud foundation lets you adapt your applications by using cloud-native technologies and major hyperscaler infrastructures (i.e. serverless or Cloud Foundry). Simultaneously, SAP HANA Cloud Platform reduces the complexity of these technologies for your users and developers.

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