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Acclimation provides development services that supports customers in the development, configuration and management of mobile applications that provide mobile access to SAP enterprise data. The mobile service’s key features include user experience design, application development, SAP ERP integration using oData services, app content lifecycle management, push notifications for timely enterprise data updates, support for on-device storage of enterprise data (offline apps), app security and app monitoring.

Acclimation leverages the SAP Mobile development kit that enables developers and technical business users to build native mobile applications in a highly productive environment. The tool provides a cross-platform native experience so we build the app once and deploy to iOS and Android devices. Mobile development kit is a feature in SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, which is a metadata-driven tool that enables our developers to rapidly create new native mobile applications. Mobile development kit uses SAP Web IDE Full-Stack and the SAP Cloud Platform to customise, deploy, and manage mobile apps in the cloud.

SAP MDK Applications are developed with the SAP Cloud Platform WebIDE using a WYSIWYG editor, Javascript based Business Logic and OData based service generation and data binding. This approach allows for a higher level of abstraction in the development phase, meaning a wider group can participate in the build phase – Developer, Business Process Expert and End User. Once complete, applications are deployed into native iOS or Android clients “over the air” where the SAP iOS / Android SDKs provide a native runtime that is compliant with both the Fiori Design Language and the Apple and Google UX standards. This approach means that the user experiences a true native application, while changes can be pushed out to the application without requiring the application to be re-installed.

SAP Mobile

What are the options to support your mobile application needs ?

Under the SAP Cloud Platform MDK banner, there are different technologies to support your differing mobile needs. Sometimes you want to have a very simple application, but sometimes you need a very content-rich application where you can do a lot of complex activities. That’s why for different scenarios, SAP offers different techniques. Acclimation have the skills and expertise to work with you on the right approach.

Run SAP Fiori in your browser with an internet connection or with Mobile Cards

Native development - for those with dedicated developers for iOS and Android together with a more expansive budget for enhanced productivity

The hybrid or ``in between`` option, where your budget may not be huge and you can accept some compromises as long as the mobile technology does what you need it to do

The idea of providing options according to individual requirements is important. You may want to create very content-rich apps that need to be extremely performant, complex and well designed, whether offline or online. This is the higher end of enterprise mobility and can take weeks to months to develop natively that works on both iOS and Android. On the other hand, you may have different requirements and leveraging SAP Mobile Cards, or the SAPUI5 Fiori framework is the right fit.

Acclimation has delivered numerous mobile applications from simple to highly complex, leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform, various platform based SAP MDK’s and a collaborative design-based approach to begin. Should you have a SAP mobile application requirement from maintenance of existing, development of an new and ongoing management please fill in the below form and we will make contact.

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