SAP Business ByDesign Deployment: DuluxGroup PNG

The implementation was smooth and working with Acclimation has been a true partnership. SAP Business ByDesign gives us full control and lets us move faster. With data and insights at our fingertips, we can make informed decisions on forecasting, stock and production to help us maintain market share in a competitive market.

– Simon Barstow, General Manager, DuluxGroup PNG

DuluxGroup PNG is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of paint and industrial chemicals in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Since the Dulux head office is located in Australia, DuluxGroup PNG was operating largely independently with insufficient reporting and system integration between the operations. To give more visibility into DuluxGroup PNG operations to both the Australian office and local management team, DuluxGroup PNG decided to use Acclimation to update to SAP, as it was already being used by DuluxGroup Australia and New Zealand. 

Implementing the SAP Business ByDesign system has provided significant advantages to the DuluxGroup PNG team with more accurate forecasting leading to better planning. As a result, this has led to a sales uplift of 5-10 per cent, increased ‘delivery in full’ rates from 84 per cent to over 95 per cent, and 80 per cent reduction in stock adjustments from PGK500’000 to less than PGK100’000 per year.

SAP on Azure: MMG

I’m in the cloud and over the moon. Moving SAP to Azure was the best go-live that I’ve experienced in 20 years.

– Charmaine Steward, Group Manager, Enterprise Applications, MMG

The mid-sized mining company MMG was looking for a more flexible data center infrastructure, as business needs were changing and the business growing. Their data center infrastructure was complex, too slow for new projects and expensive to manage. In a successful project of only 10 months, Acclimation migrated their large SAP landscape with in total 69 systems and over 100 servers to Microsoft Azure. The landing zone included over 130 virtual machines and 6 HANA Large Instances across two regional data centers.

This did not only significantly improve their performance, but also brought lower costs and a greater resilience of their infrastructure. MMG’s approx. 4,500 employees now work with SAP HANA on Azure Large Instances, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Microsoft Azure Storage, Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Microsoft Azure Virtual Network.

SAP transformation

From SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA: NSW Land Registry Services

For our customers we are now providing better service, enabling lodgements to be submitted and processed faster than in the past. We have seen immediate performance improvements across common transactions such as sales orders, invoicing, payments and leave verifications. We have also eliminated many customised reports and are now taking advantage of the reports and insights available from S/4HANA.

– Lesa Tobias, Chief Information Officer, New South Wales Land Registry Services

Due to SAP ECC reaching its end of life in 2025, many businesses are making the switch to SAP S4/HANA. NSW Land Registry Services is one of them. As a first in Australia, Acclimation fully converted their SAP ECC to SAP S4/HANA and changed the platform to Amazon Web Services. The entire project took only 5.5 months and finished in record time. When cutting over, the customers did not notice any impacts on their day-to-day operations – a seamless transition that made both NSW Land Registry Services and Acclimation proud.

Bulla Dairy Foods

SAP ERP Implementation: Bulla Dairy Foods

Acclimation provided Bulla with SAP-capable, -agile and -diligent resources to support us during a critical business time. You helped us get up to speed and back on track!

– Anna Pezzuto, Chief Information Officer, Bulla Dairy Foods

Bulla Dairy undertook an SAP ERP implementation but found themselves in a difficult situation. Acclimation were engaged when the project had stalled with multiple issues in the configuration of the SAP ERP supply chain, RFID scanners and dispatching and picking orders to be loaded onto vehicles for deliveries. Acclimation provided senior resources to help complete the SAP ERP implementation and successfully go live.

Digital Transformation Palace Cinemas Australia

Business Digital Transformation: Palace Cinemas

Acclimation were selected as our prime partner to support Palace on our digital transformation journey, starting with re-building the customer experience, integrating it with our many disparate back-end systems and moving our workloads onto an industrial strength cloud platform; Google Cloud. Right from the start, Acclimation have rolled up their sleeves, gotten their hands dirty, went through the discovery process with us, executed and then supported us throughout the entire journey.

– Richard Lloyd-Jones, Chief Information Officer, Palace Cinemas

Palace Cinemas was unhappy with their website and infrastructure performance. Their different systems weren’t connected enough and the online UX was not as desired. Acclimation were engaged by Palace Cinemas as the prime partner for all of business digital transformation. The project consisted of re-building the customer user experience on the website and its integration with the bookings system, the online access of loyalty systems, the SAP ERP system and moving the assets onto a more robust scalable platform; Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


SAP Migration to Microsoft Azure: Laguna Gold

We’ve made a commitment to a path with our Azure Cloud environment. It’s a strategic decision that we’ve made, and it makes a lot of sense: robustness, scalability, functionality, how we tie these things together. It seems like a fairly obvious choice.

Brian Reynolds, Executive General Manager of IT, Laguna Gold

The mining company Laguna Gold acquired a new mine in Chile in 2016, which started their process of digital transformation. Laguna Gold wanted to grow their business and take full advantage of the inherited SAP ERP system by gaining better financial business insights, driving operational efficiencies and moving to a single point of truth that enables the executive team to have a real-time overview of operations in Chile. The mine’s SAP system changed from a finance-only system to an agile, flexible and data-driven platform that combines the data of multiple vendor partners working in specialised services on-site.

Acclimation were selected as the long term partner to perform the SAP ERP system divestment, migration to public cloud technology on Microsoft Azure and ongoing managed services. Acclimation also designed a smart disaster recovery strategy and gives peace of mind to the small executive team, knowing that they can always call upon our expert support team when needed.

Laguna Gold Azure

SAP Business ByDesign: JinHang Lighting & Electrical

The cost of SAP ByDesign was much lower than what we expected. It was quicker to implement than what we initially thought and it has the capability to grow with our business. We came out of the implementation process fully self-sufficient and understanding exactly what to do in the system, without the need of calling on a third party for day-to-day support.

– James Wang, Group CEO, JinHang Lighting & Electrical

Outgrowing their existing ERP system, JinHang Lighting & Electricals were looking for a software solution to support their rapid international business growth. They decided on Acclimation and SAP Business ByDesign, as the solution integrated everything they needed into one ERP platform: Financials, Sales & Distribution, Manufacturing and Sales & Marketing. The whole implementation project took only 10 weeks and was less costly than JinHang Lighting expected. Thanks to being a pure cloud solution, SAP ByDesign allows them to access international shop information from one single point of truth. The new functionalities are adding daily value to the business. CEO James Wang stated, “we don’t see the need to ever change software and platforms again”.

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