SAP Fiori

UI & UX in the Paradigm of SAP Fiori

Nowadays, the ways that we access business applications are diversified: laptop, tablet, and smart phones. We use business applications more than ever because we have access to them anytime anywhere. When an employee needs to make urgent report to the manager, or manager needs to approve purchase orders immediately, mobile access to business applications to do these things are not only desired but required. Hence, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are becoming more important. We care how business applications look great. We care how business applications are easy to use. If you look at any websites or web-based applications these days, you almost never experience any difficulty finding the page you are looking for or entering a credit card form.

Business applications, however, are seemingly still struggling to keep up with this trend. Particularly in SAP, Web Dynpro has long been the recommended platform for web-based applications for SAP. It works efficiently for large-scaled business management, but it does have certain drawbacks in terms of UI and UX:

  • It is primary for desktop view
  • UI customisation capability is limited


SAP Fiori solves these UI and UX problems. SAP Fiori is a platform that runs web-based applications, which is the same concept as Web Dynpro, but it is vastly different in that:

  • it supports desktop/mobile view: responsive design
  • flexible and customisable UI components


SAP Fiori runs on SAP Gateway, a platform that stands in between Fiori and SAP Business Suite. SAP Gateway works efficiently because it facilitates developing / customising the data to a very simple way for developers.

Acclimation has a great team who can work on developing web-based applications for SAP Fiori. We have experts who have worked with a number of Fiori projects. If you are interested in migrating your SAP applications in to Fiori, or establish a new Fiori application, please contact us via or 1300 852 990.

By Shuhei Nakahodo – UI & UX Consultant/Developer